As Sticks, we have experienced all levels of golf over the course of our golf careers. There are some golf experiences that stand out and certain factors ofthat we believe are essential to a great time being had on the course.

They are:

Atmosphere: This can include: location, setting, vibe, pace of play, crowdedness, friendliness, stuffiness, rules, attitude, hang out environment, clubhouse environment, and anything else that we feel contributes to the overall feeling of the round of golf. From "Feel free to change your shoes in the parking lot" to "The bar inside the men's locker room makes me never want to leave" 



Conditions: The greens, the fairways, type of grass, the bunkers, the non-golf areas, everything that contributes to your golf ball doing what it should. We consider all the things that go into conditions- budget, location, time of year, weather etc. This ranges from "not a blade of grass out of place" to "leave expectations of making putts in the car" 


Design: This category is essential to a great round and it can come in all shapes and sizes, from timeless architecture to new ideas that are shaping the future of golf. We break down: who built it, when, why, how, design history, challenge, features, land use, green complexes, bunkering, hole shaping, routing, and all the things that create a great course design. 


Uniqueness: What makes this place special? This factor is open to interpretation. It can be part of the course, a certain hole, the staff, a view, the people, anything that sets a property apart from others in the mind of the player. An example of this would be the wicker baskets at Merion, or the endless views at Eastward Ho! Anything that you can only find at this course. This will likely be different for each player. 

There is a perfect combination of these factors that create incredible experiences, but if a course has any one of these it can be a great time. Sacrifice conditions for a great atmosphere and layout, trade atmosphere for perfect greens and conditions. Every experience is different and we look forward to helping you navigating the world of good golf. 




We are currently accepting contributor applications: If you are a stick and play lots of different golf courses, send an email to with a brief golf resume and a short sample review of a recent golf experience